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"The definition of folk music can vary as greatly as the difference in space between a living room and a stadium. 
Each week I explore a theme with the music and artists that I call Folk " -  Angela Page


Folk Plus has been hosted by Angela Page since 1993. It airs and streams at 4 pm Sundays and is also available on the archive page for two weeks after airing.

Angela developed chemical intolerance and prepares her shows from home.
She is not there live at 2, so you don't have to be.
Use the archive page to listen to the hour when it works for your life

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Folk Plus is a blend of music from the contemporary folk scene. Angela draws from her experience of music gathered from over 30 years running college folk venues in the late 70's, running the Speak Easy in Greenwich Village through the early 80's, and her involvement with the production of the Fast Folk Musical Magazine.  Angela has reviewed for SingOut! Magazine, has been a North East Regional Folk Alliance (NERFA) showcase judge for both the formals and Tri Centric Showcases.  Read her recommendations for getting air play from a workshop given in Ottawa at the Ontario Council of Folk Festivals